About Us

SKY Stone is home to a broad selection of tiles and slabs designed to appeal even to the most discerning customer.

Who we are

SKY Stone Mining & Trade Company Ltd. is currently one of the top ranked natural stone supplier that able to provide the highest quality of the Turkish origin materials. Our head office in Izmir and we are directly working in connection with several main quarries in Turkey. Today, being among the leading natural stone providers of the world and currently having presented the Turkish Stones in many prestigious projects in 4 different continents.
Moreover, our some of main goals that to providing most competitive prices in the International Market, create an opportunity with best transportation cost and after quality-control arriving to your orders safely. Especially our product line contains of onyx, marble, limestone and travertine and specializes in production of slabs, tiles, mosaics and architectural cut-to-size dimensional materials in different kind of surface and edge processes.